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About us

Beragua is a strategic and operational advisory firm specialized in the retail and dine-out industries.



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Our clients are leading companies in the retail and dine-out sectors and investors seeking new opportunities and maximizing the value of their investments. Since our incorporation we have successfully completed a wide range of projects across diverse markets and sectors all over the World including Europe, CIS and America.

We are specialists

Over the years, we have obtained in-depth knowledge of international, regional and local markets, formats and solutions, all of which have built our strong expertise in the retail and dining-out sectors

We understand global markets

We offer sound industry expertise, in-depth market intelligence and a wide international experience.

Our Footprint

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Our clients achieve maximum performance and realize the most promising investment opportunities.

We believe success in retail is a combination of different pillars which should be perfectly tuned and aligned to be able to exploit the full potential of each company.


During our longstanding experience we have identified what we call “The fourteen imperatives”, the most relevant aspects in which retailers need to focus. For each of them, we have defined different action lines, the “One hundred directions of change”, that allow companies to reach excellence.


In Beragua, we are ready to bring our expertise to support you in this process towards excellence. For this we have a twofold approach:

Strategic planning

Tansversal projects in which we work in all the fourteen imperatives to diagnose main issues and select your “One hundred directions of change”.

Business planning

Addressing only specific areas of the business.




Market positioning

- Market segmentation
- Most interesting market channel to operate
- Positioning strategy
- Company’s competitive advantages
- Competitors’ benchmarking
- New market opportunities


- Brand positioning
- Brand equity
- Communication strategy
- Optimization of the marketing expenditure
- Social media strategy
- Promotional strategies


- Target definition
- Customer segmentation
- Customer journey and experience optimization
- Quality of service
- Reaching customers’ satisfaction by meeting all their needs
- Loyalty
- Attracting new customers


- Assortment composition and strategy
- Product mix optimization
- Private label development
- Pricing strategies
- Product innovation


- Location and size
- Store layouts and product placement
- Planogram designs
- Commercial image
- In-store communication
- Clusterization of formats
- New formats


- Expansion strategy
- Master expansion plan
- Entry in new markets
- Franchises

Supply chain

- Procurement and sourcing
- Warehouses
- Inventory management
- Transport & logistics
- Automatization
- Sustainability in supply chain

Organization & performance

- Definition of central functions
- Processes
- Management models
- Reengineering
- Cost optimization
- Business planning


- Corporate structure
- Risk management
- Corporate social responsibility
- Sustainability
- Outsourcing
- Main performance elements
- Performance management

Human resources

- Company culture
- Internal communication
- Leadership and talent
- Human potential
- Agile teams
- Employee engagement


- IT development and strategy
- e-commerce solutions
- Mobile technologies
- Business intelligence. Data mining & predictive analysis

Innovation & trends

- Digitalization
- Omni-channel
- Attractive shopping experiences and new in-store offerings
- Digital stores: in-store technology and optimization of resources
- The world of big data


- Investment screening
- Due diligence processes
- Value creation plan
- Valuation analysis
- Exit planning
- Equity story


Pre and post investment support: From identifying opportunities to assisting in the acquisition process, Beragua has long-standing history of successful collaborations with investors seeking a trusted industry expert.

Preliminary assessment

Investors looking at opportunities at an early stage sometimes involve a small team of industry experts to get an opinion about the opportunity, uncover red flags or check specific elements of the potential target.

Commercial and operational Due Diligence

Reliable commercial, operational and strategic due diligence is critical for investors looking into targets within the retail and dine-out sectors. We perform thorough analysis of companies which combined with our rigorous groundwork methodology result in a valued decision-making tool for investors considering acquisitions or preparing its company for a selling process.


  • We analyze market dynamics, competition, future prospects and threats that can affect the positioning of the target company.
  • Asset quality assessment is a key issue for the valuation of a retail/dine-out company, which is why we conduct extensive on-spot visits, perform detailed evaluations of locations and provide a deep assessment of the network quality.
  • We perform in-depth analysis of all key commercial attributes (assortment and category management, price positioning, value proposal, margin mix, in-store image, layout…) and operational factors (in-store labour productivity, supply chain and logistics, organization…).
  • We assess the health of the economic model of the company, its profitability and generation of operational cashflow.
  • We identify the whitespace potential and the opportunities for expansion.
  • We help designing the future strategy and work on key operational improvements.
  • We support the building-up of the business plan, setting key hypothesis of the model.
  • Moreover, Beragua assists pre and post investment and can also be a co-investor on the deals we advise.
Strategic and operational Support during the investment cycle
  • 100 days plan: execution is key, particularly during ‘first 100 days’ after the completion of the transaction. Whether there is Top Management in place or not, we can combine our top-level advisory with executive implementation and/or coaching of local teams.
  • Ongoing support to Management: we work hand-in-hand with management teams to support strategy and operations with the aim of pulling the right value levers.
  • Identification of add-ons: selection of potential targets to acquire in the Company’s home market as well as in international territories. Additionally, we evaluate the strategic fit of the models, potential synergies and integration roadmaps.
  • Preparation of equity story: creation of a compelling business case for the preparation of the selling process of the Company.
Ad-hoc solutions

Other services requested by investors include:

  • Identification of opportunities: due to our experience in our focus industries, we can quickly detect promising opportunities or disrupting models.
  • Business plan support: as industry experts we can support with our analysis to build the main hypothesis of a business plan. If requested, we can also develop a business plan from scratch.
  • Expansion potential: due to our in-house methodology based on years of experience, we help investors to determine the expansion potential of a business in a specific market or markets
  • Pieces of research: white papers about industries, specific models, strategies…

Management Assessment: due to our regular contact with top managers, we are able to quickly assess the skills and capabilities of key Management Team members, mentor them to reach targets and facilitate contacts with industry experts and managers.


Realistic and tailored solutions: Beragua partners with retailers and dine-out companies to create value through strategic and operational initiatives driven to realize the full potential of their businesses.

Strategic Assessment

By identifying strategic opportunities and defining initiatives to tackle them, retailers can improve their long-term prospects and stimulate growth. Our aim is to help maximize returns on these initiatives with the purpose of creating a winning commercial format, an optimal cost structure and strong operational efficiency. We focus on:


  • Identify the most interesting market positioning and differentiation options
  • Set priority targets, key points of value and potential synergies
  • Determine enhancements to reposition formats
  • Evaluate upgrades of the commercial model
  • Identify operational, supply chain and organizational improvements
  • Analyze the expansion strategy and procedures
  • Look for CAPEX and real estate optimization
Value proposal repositioning

Value proposal repositioning allows retailers and dine-out companies facing unfavorable market dynamics to identify critical points for improvement and define new strategic options for the sustainability and success of their business models in the long term. We focus on developing effective differentiation from competitors and supporting the creation of competitive advantages.


  • Our approach is based on a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the company, its market, consumption trends and consumer preferences, potential threats and current and future competitive dynamics.
  • Partnering with management team we establish feasible and achievable roadmaps, identifying strategic options, critical paths and priorities.


We have the expertise to assist retailers during their implementation paths and provide methodological tools for high quality execution.

Value creation plan

Due to the constantly changing environment and conflicts in priorities between the different stakeholders of the business, a value creation plan is essential for retailers that wish to create value in the medium term. It enables companies to transition from an initial moment with undefined company goals and diverse interests to a stage of alignment in which tactical and strategic priorities are clear, well communicated and supported by initiatives.


We create a plan in partnership with management translating the Business Plan into specific initiatives, creating priorities and quantifying their impact in the Company as a whole. The final result of the project is a short- and long-term Plan that the Management owns and believes.


  • The engagement starts with a diagnosis to familiarize ourselves with the market and the business. The intention is to build a big and detailed picture that allows the management to set a clear view of where they want to go.
  • Partnering with the management team we establish strategic workshops in which main alternatives are discussed and value initiatives are agreed.
  • The initiatives are translated into a business plan, which depicts the impact that each will have in the company.
  • Roadmaps for implementation by initiative are prepared to have a clear path of action.
  • Support to their execution is a critical part of our work as well.
  • We also become a liaison between the company and shareholders, with whom we share the status of the project at all times.
Entry strategy for new markets

We have a strong track record helping our clients in developing entry strategies in new markets.


  • We assess the feasibility of the new market, its long-term potential and existing entry barriers.
  • We analyze the market situation in relation to the client’s goals and identify whether an organic or acquisition strategy is most appropriate.
  • We develop entry strategies that include:
    • Expansion potential, formulation of Master Expansion Plan
    • Value proposal differentiation based on analysis of the competitive environment
    • Creation of new formats and models
    • Assessment of potential
    • Analysis of the new economic model


Real estate market assessment, availability and costs of premises

New business models

The development of new business models allows retailers to be adapted to the market’s needs and gain more sustainable competitive advantages. Using our broad international experience, we identify the most appropriate format for each client and help implement state-of-the-art practices.

  • We assess new business models:
    • Identifying strategic opportunities and fit with current company formats
    • Drawing main lessons from best-in-class experiences in similar models
    • Designing the value proposal (commercial and operational)
    • Establishing implementation plans
  • We design and develop franchise models, covering:
    • Target market segments
    • Appropriate management system (hard or soft franchise) and its economic model
    • Commercial and operational model and franchisee profile
    • Business plan development
    • Support for implementation (test phase and roll-out)
Logistics and productivity

Supply chain and in-store operations are the main cost drivers for retailers and together account for almost 60% of the total operating expenses. Because of this, the creation of efficient and productive systems is critical for retailers.


  • We develop logistic systems and support Companies with implementation. Whether retailers want to centralize, integrate or redesign the whole system we can bring expertise and decide the best solution for the business.
  • We can assess the efficiency of the system and provide a diagnosis of the main areas to improve.
  • We evaluate in-store productivity and help retailers improve with quick wins and longer-term solutions.
Ad-hoc solutions

Other services requested by retailers include:


  • Assessment of M&A targets and their strategic fit
  • Shareholder presentations
  • Presentations to Board of Directors
  • KPI dashboards
  • Decision tools
  • Pieces of research: white papers about industries, models, strategies…
Our Clients

Our clients keep coming back.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the retail and dine-out industries, which combined with our reliability, commitment and high-quality work results in a strongly valued competitive advantage. We firmly believe in building deep and long-lasting partnerships with our clients.


Our clients recommend us.

Our cross-boundary expertise in the retail and dine-out industries as well as our knowledge of the best-in-class models and approaches enable us to communicate with Company Owners, Top Managers and CEOs knowledgeably and recommend the best opportunities to investors.

  • We appreciate Beragua’s extensive multinational experience. What is important for us is their clear focus on real-life challenges faced by the modern day retail. We found a partner not just a consultant

    Michal Kedzia, Enterprise Investors Partner
  • Straight to the point and with actionable insights

    Tomislav Čizmić, Mercator CEO
  • Collaborating and working with Beragua has been a privilege. Their professionalism, experience, expertise and knowledge of international retail markets has been of huge benefit to Pepkor as we explore new avenues for growth

    Leon Lourens, Pepkor CEO
  • The best retail advisory on the planet Earth

    Pawel Musial, Profi Romania CEO

Distinct Approach

Our hands-on approach and strong analytical framework give us a 360º outlook of our clients’ business, their competition, and the market.

Getting to know the market to understand our client

The groundwork stage, in which a team travels to the client’s geographical areas of operations, visits a representative sample of stores and gets to know the environment, the competition and the distinctive features of each value proposal, is key for every project.


We believe that a full understanding of our client’s business comes hand-in-hand with a strong knowledge of the market and competitors. Only then, we can be certain that the premises used for our analysis incorporate the most pressing issues and market trends assuring our final advise is the best suited for the project at hand.

Deep dive into the Company

After gathering data during our groundwork we process it and combine it with the information shared by our client. At this stage we immerse ourselves into the Company and we work every commercial and operational angle to get a quick but in depth understanding through quantitative and qualitative analysis (positioning, performance, economic equation, expansion, product range, pricing, customer opinions, logistics…).

Reasons behind

Once we have explored every aspect we go one step further and try to answer all questions that arise. This is a collaborative and holistic approach both internal (within our Team) and external (workshops with our Client).


Due to our specialization we are able to bring comparable data, experiences and learnings from similar models across the World. This is one of the most sought-after parts of our work as it enables clients to fully understand where the Company stands and what could be improved and where.


The final stage is the preparation of the full diagnosis of the Company, which is captured in a document that combines the full analysis, take-aways and recommendations.

Delivering insight

Presentation of our work and discussions to get a clear view of priorities and paths to explore.

Advise into action

Creation of roadmaps to tackle the priorities with the aim of creating value through strategic initiatives.

Bring specific expertise

While not every engagement is the same, most of our projects encompass several of these phases.


Standing by your side on every project from beginning to end.

Our team is comprised of experts across all levels and backgrounds that dedicate their full attention to each project, from outlining the objectives, conducting the analysis, providing recommendations, and celebrating the achievement of our clients’ goals. Highly flexible and easily adaptable, our consultants strive to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

Thanks to our multi-disciplined team that seeks excellence and uniqueness, we undertake customized projects for our clients, providing experience and full dedication.


At Beragua we are moved by the motivation of providing the best service to our clients. Our team is dynamic, proactive, focused, fully dedicated and provides more than a decade of experience to provide you with the best solution.



Advisory Board

Beragua´s Advisory Board consists of senior executives and professionals from the consumer, retail, and financial sectors. Regular meetings and consultations with Advisory Board members allow our team to draw on wide international experience, strong sector knowledge as well as understanding of corporate governance and diverse cultural issues.

Our insights