pawelm  Pawel Musial

Pawel Musial has been a partner at Beragua since 2018. He has extensive experience in retail, having worked for more than 20 years in the sector.

Pawel began his career in Poland, where he held several positions in Tesco and Hit hypermarkets. In 2004 he became COO and then CEO of the Russian retailer "Perekriostok" and also later vice-president of its holding partner X5 Retail Group NV.. In 2010, Enterprise Investors recruited Pawel to run their latest investment in Romania: a proximity supermarket called Profi. He held the CEO position from 2010 to 2017 and was instrumental for the success of the Company, increasing its network from 67 stores to 700 and multiplying EBITDA by 13x to Euro 67mn. In 2017, the Company was acquired by Mid Europa Partners and Pawel supported the change of ownership helping with the transition. Among his last projects, Pawel has developed and implemented (Nov. 2018 to March 2019) a very successful new model of supermarket for Maria Ra in Barnaul.

Due to Pawel’s wide knowledge about grocery retail, he has also been appointed during his career in several board positions: he served as Chairman of the Supervisory board of Eko Market (Ukraine), and as member in the supervisory boards of X5 (Russia) and Eurocash (Poland). Pawel has many times got to TOP 100 managers in Russian Federation,2005,2006 – named "Man of Retail" (Chelovek Torgovli) and in 2005 was honored the highest Russian President's Award " Gold Olimp" (Zolotoi Olimp-zasluzhen dlya rossiyskovo naroda).