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Reliable commercial and operational due diligence is critical for investors looking into the retail sector and forms the base for current and future business development. We perform thorough analysis, thanks to our experience working with clients in many different countries and retail formats, as well as our rigorous groundwork methodology.

  • We analyze market dynamics, main players, future prospects and threats that can affect the target company’s positioning.

  • Asset quality assessment is a key issue for the valuation of a retail company – which is why we conduct extensive on-spot visits, perform detailed evaluations of location factors and provide an overall assessment of the network.

  • We perform in-depth analysis of all key commercial factors (assortment, price positioning, value proposal, margin mix, in-store image, layout) and operational factors (in-store labour productivity, logistics, organization).

  • We design future strategy and work on key operational improvements.

  • We support the building-up of the business plan, setting realistic key hypothesis of the model.

  • Beragua can assist pre- and post- investment and can also be a co-investor on the deals we advise.